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    Technical Training

    GreyHammer Integrity Engineering Canada (GIEC) offers public training and in-house (on-site) training that are designed to maximize participation, delegates will have the opportunity to learn technical courses, codes and standards, in small class room settings that increase interaction with the instructor.

    Let us take your career to the next level with advanced training, Exam Preparation, and technical courses from experienced technical instructors who are subject experts in Maintenance Reliability, Facility integrity, Inspection, Metallurgy & Corrosion Engineering, Turnaround optimization, Mechanical Engineering, and Process and Chemical Engineering.

    We deliver public and in-house training courses in major cities in Canada, Unite States, Middle east and other various countries around the world. We are committed to offering technical training courses in-house where GIEC will accommodate our prospective clients, and have the course conducted at an on-site training facility suitable to the client.

    Our company has delivered technical training courses successfully for various companies such as Saudi Aramco, British Petroleum, SAPREF, ADNOC, Kuwait National Petroleum, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Exxon, Dupont, Total, and others in various cities throughout the world.

    We are happy to work with our clients to arrange exam preparation courses, or technical matter discussions anywhere.
    Technical Courses and Exam Preparation Courses offered:

    1. API 570 Certified In-service Pressure Piping Inspector Course (Exam Preparation)
    2. API 510 Certified In-service Pressure Vessel Inspector Course (Exam Preparation) Certificate of Appreciation
    3. API 653 Certified In-service Storage Tank Inspector Course (Exam Preparation)
    4. API 936 Certified Refractory Inspector Course (Exam Preparation)
    5. API 571 Certified Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining, Petrochemical & Petroleum Industries Course (Exam Preparation)
    6. API 579 Certified Fitness for Service Course (Exam Preparation)
    7. API 1169 Certified Pipeline Construction Inspector Course (Exam Preparation)
    8. API 580 Certified Risk Based Inspection Course (Exam Preparation)
    9. AWS Certified Welding Inspector Course (Exam Preparation)
    10. Boiler inspection and maintenance
    11. Bolt torqueing, gasket and flange management (bolt joint integrity)
    12. Pipeline corrosion integrity management
    13. Process plant start-up commissioning and troubleshooting
    14. Process control, Instrumentation and safe guarding

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