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    State of the art innovative inspection services

    GIEC provides the service of an independent Authorized Inspection Authority (AIA) for Boiler, Piping Installations, Pressure Equipment and structures appointed by a specific client and is used in the global industry to ensure quality assurance and quality control for new fabrication, in-service inspections, repairs, modifications and manufacture of pressure vessel, boilers, pipelines, structures, masts, GSM towers, storage tanks and / or any other components that is ordered or integrity evaluations required by a client conforming to specified legal, act, specification, regulation and / or code requirements.

    Company Overview

    Greyhammer Integrity Engineering Canada was found by a group of motivated and experienced individuals dedicated to servicing the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries of the Integrity Engineering sector. Since then we have grown steadily with a good Client base and Operational Team. With the Economic difficulties experienced during year 2015 and our strategic growth plan, we decided to diversify into more MEIP/Turnkey ventures and service other market segments of the Integrity engineering sector. We currently service engineering industries such as the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, pipelines, marine, civil, mining, pulp and paper, water and sanitation, food and beverage etc.

    Company Goal

    Our goal that we continue to strive towards is to provide a world class service to clients, driven to exceed client expectations to ensure our workmanship speaks volumes and future projects are entrusted to us.



    GIEC creates a measurable added value for its clients' risk management strategies. This sustainable approach is based on offering professional and innovative services in the field of integrity, inspection, control and training in a neutral and independent way. These services contribute to the quality, safety, availability and livability of the assets.



    We deliver the highest performances according to the highest ethics using the distinctive GIEC’s culture in order to fully assure our social responsibilities and to create value for our customers and prosperity for our people, and assure sustainability for our company.



    We act with openness and honesty. We say what we mean, and do what we say.
    Committed, empowered and technically capable people.
    Outstanding ability to handle inspection/ integrity assessment challenges end to end: solution investigation and research, planning and development, supervising the execution and conducting post mortems.



    Our clients are our key concern. We offer our clients new experiences in the field of quality, environment and safety improvement, focusing on long term contracts and asset based services, providing solutions that manage risk, that improve quality and that maximize returns.



    We focus on the development of our people and give them opportunities to grow. We set high standards, and are never satisfied in our eagerness to excel.



    GIEC employees must respect themselves and their colleagues. This manifest itself in their work, the safety regulations they comply with and their behavior towards colleagues, clients and suppliers.


    High qualified

    You work with highly qualified engineers and technical specialists who have specialized, sector-specific expertise, and who guarantee an up-to-date service in line with the very latest insights and techniques, thanks to their ongoing training and their contacts with the academic world.
    Deeply committed to providing the best balance of owner- user and global best practices to our customers, supported by training, technology, systems, controls, mentoring and leadership that can ensure global codes and standards are implemented and followed.



    Our company is focused on building loyalty by being transparent and building trust with our customers and consultants. We are an independent Engineering and Inspection company, owned and operated by our employees and active managers.