GIEC Services include;

    • Certified inspections, API 510, 570, 653, CWB Level II, NBIC, ABSA, TSASK, API 1169, API 936. 
    • Risk based assessments (RBI), mitigation and rejuvenation, • Chief inspector (AI) services, including assuming the full responsibility for the management of the pressure equipment safety program, scheduling, preparation of inspection plans, visual and NDT inspections and reporting, meeting regulatory requirements, and record retention. 
    • Failure analysis, 
    • NDT, and advanced NDT techniques, 
    • Turn around (shutdowns) planning and execution, 
    • GIEC overhauled inspection information systems that guarantees results in exponentially increased productivity and significantly reduced inspection, planning costs, and optimizing manpower and Turnaround Frequencies. 
    • Developing, revising, executing, evaluating and supporting of the PEIM/ PIMs asset integrity and reliability management programs, inspection and condition monitoring strategies programs. 
    • Auditing the PEIM/ PIMs programs for compliance and effectiveness. 
    • Establishing asset integrity continuous improvement programs incorporating strategies, policies, codes of practice, procedure specifications and guidelines. 
    • Scrutinizing equipment performance for bad actors affecting availability, 
    • Maximizing equipment uptime to optimize shutdowns and extend turnaround intervals in compliance to regulatory requirements. 
    • Troubleshooting equipment failure and incident investigations, applying root cause analysis (RCA) practices, and corrosion failure analysis, to issue action items and to update maintenance strategies, scopes, corrosion control evaluations and mitigation programs, to improve plant reliability. 
    • Support the implementation of production reliability programs including: Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). 
    • Preparation, and following up on execution of Engineering technical procedures for alterations and repairs of pressure vessels, tanks and piping. 
    • Codes and standards compliance review, standards, specifications and procedures for variety of technical engineering and inspection tasks development. 
    • Owner- user programs development, 
    • Corrosion manuals, degradation manuals, Corrosion surveys and control, corrosion assessment, corrosion prevention, mitigation and monitoring programs, and evaluation. 
    • Strong understanding of equipment design and of damaging and corrosion mechanisms generated by external factors related to a wide variety of machinery. 
    • Root causes of pressure systems integrity systems, failures, mitigations, inspection systems scopes, methods and frequencies optimizations. 
    • Database management, review, cleaning and analysis, 
    • Detecting defects in the various manufacturing processes and raising corrective action/ nonconformance reports and proactively monitoring their resolution. 
    • Regulatory reporting. 
    • Providing a comprehensive equipment data management service, enabling tracking of vessel static data, PSV data, inspection results, inspection history and inventory, NCR’s, recommendations, ITP’s. etc. 
    • Document control and turnover packages reviews, 
    • Designing and developing the welding specifications, procedures and practices, and rectifying issues

    The Quality, Integrity, Safety, and Reliability of what is dear to you.
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