• Greyhammer Integrity Engineering Canada (GIEC) is fully Customer Oriented, committed to customer satisfaction by fully understanding their needs while maintaining compliance with codes and regulatory requirements. We continuously demonstrate commitment to quality and integrity within all levels of our company and adheres to every requirement of our quality management system. 
    • You work with committed, empowered, highly qualified engineers and technical specialists who have specialized, sector-specific expertise, and who guarantee an up-to-date service in line with the very latest insights and techniques, thanks to their ongoing training, researches, and deep understanding of best Engineering and Technical practices and their contacts with the academic world. 
    • With our Smart Approach, GIEC is providing solutions that manage risk, improve quality and that maximize returns in a cost-effective manner, while maximizing the reliability and availability. 
    • Greyhammer Integrity Engineering Canada will review our performance and effectiveness in relation to our management system allowing our company to consistently make improvements while providing the best overall value for our customers.



    Greyhammer is fully committed to Health, Safety and environmental policies and has implemented a program to help protect its employees, its customers, the public, and the environment in which we operate. Greyhammer has very experienced Safety Officers, who are fully engaged and responsible for ensuring the highest standards of safety and that all our employees are in compliance with our Safety program.

    Greyhammer continues to promote the ideology of safe work plans and that all jobs can be safely done. If jobs are well planned, risks are identified and mitigated with engineering safeguards and administrative controls, job hazard assessments will reduce risk of harm, injury, and/or death.

    Our safety manual was built to ensure our company is above the industry standards and regulatory authority safety guidelines. Our safety program is reviewed by management and our safety officer annually to expand its scope where needed and to maintain its effectiveness with current revisions of the OH&S and regulatory authorities.

    Greyhammer has implemented a safety training program to ensure all employees are aware of the responsibilities in regard to health and safety. We train our management and employees in OH&S legislation, WHMIS, Confined Space, H2S alive, Hazard Assessment, Fall Protection, Safety Equipment Inspections, Site Auditing, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus, Hazard Assessments, Field Level Risk Assessment, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and various others that pertain to individual job tasks. As with our Quality Assurance program, the Safety Program receives the highest level of commitment from Greyhammer management. We are proud of our safety record, and will continue to maintain a good record with all regulatory authorities.

    Our safety program includes elements such as:

    • safe work practices and procedures 
    • equipment Inspection and preventative maintenance 
    • incident reporting system and interaction 
    • on site safety audits/inspections 
    • safety program audit 
    • non-conformance system with lessons learned and mitigation 
    • emergency procedures and Rescue plans 
    • Combined worksite health and safety committee 
    • modified work program 
    • drug and alcohol policy 
    • waste management and the environment 
    • fitness for work employee evaluations 
    • training and motivation 

    Greyhammer promotes a Basic Safety Awareness Training in for each industry we proudly serve. Additionally, Greyhammer offers the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) Regional Orientation Program in-house.